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/Teaching English to Speaker of
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본 과정은 뉴질랜드 교육부(NZQA)로부터 인준 받은 과정입니다. 본 과정을 이수한 학생들은 Cambridge대학에서 주관하는 TKT(Teaching Knowledge Test)에 응시할 수 있으며, 영어가 모국어가 아닌 학생들에게 영어를 가르칠 수 있는 Certificate를 받게 됩니다.

● 대상 : 대학생 및 성인

● 자격 : IELTS(General 5.5, Academic 5.0)이상,

혹은 본교에서 치르는 내부시험 합격자 TOEFL, TOEIC 성적으로 대체 가능

● 시간 : 7주 Full Time (09:00~ 15:00)

● 가격 : NZ $ 2,800

Course Content

Theoretical knowledge and practical skills for teaching English including:

a) Grammar, lexis, phonology
b) Teaching reading , listening , writing and speaking skills
c) Background language learning
d) Lesson planning, use of materials
e) Classroom management and student assessment

Course Modules

Module1 – Background to language teaching

Module2 – Planning for language teaching

Module3 – Classroom management

AEC TESOL 1 & 2 특징

  1. 뉴질랜드 교육부(NZQA)인준 과정 + Cambridge TKT 준비 과정 통합
  2. 세계 각국에서의 교수 경력을 보유한 최고의 강사진을 통해 배우는 영어교육의 이론과 실제, 다양하고 필수적인 실전 교수법
  3. 영어교수법에 대한 이론적 지식뿐만 아니라 학생들이 직접 수업을 준비하고 가르치는 실질적인 훈련과정
  4. 본 과정 수료 후 Cambridge 주관 TKT 응시 가능(16회 연속 고득점자 배출)
  5. 시험 대비 기출문제풀이 등 개별지도 제공

AEC TESOL 1 & 2 담당 교사

Dave Fern has a varied cross cultural background having lived and worked in Taiwan. He’s been teaching ESOL for 7 years at different levels and enjoys encouraging students in all aspects of life as well as in English.

Johanna Bissett has taught English for many years and has also helped train ESOL teachers. She has spent considerable time overseas and is passionate about helping students to have a rewarding and worthwhile English learning experience while in NZ

Tersia Naidoo has 13 years of teaching experience both in New Zealand and South Africa. She is passionate about teaching, meeting new students and helping students achieve their best in all spheres of life

Julie Rippon has taught for more than 20 years. She has been teaching ESOL for 11 years both overseas and New Zealand. She has been involved in teacher Training for the last 9 years and loves to trinees excel.

TKT 고득점자

임수지(All Modules Band 4)

이찬미(All Modules Band 4)

김진솔(All Modules Band 4)

차미현(All Modules Band 4)

양세정(All Modules Band 4)

정은혜(All Modules Band 4)

곽그림(All Modules Band 4)

최정니(All Modules Band 4)

이동산(All Modules Band 4)

배예은(All Modules Band 4)

임찬영(All Modules Band 4)

Rose Timu Timu (All Modules Band 4)